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AUSANDA Appliance Repair specializes in the repair, installation, and service of all residential, commercial, and industrial appliances. We service all brands and models.

Appliance Repair

Repairs of refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, home and commercial ovens, pizza ovens, range hoods, industrial appliances, and much more. One-day service at your home.

New Installation

For any office, shop, restaurant, warehouse, residential, commercial, or commercial property, we install ovens, air-conditioning options, gas appliances, fridges, washers, and much more.

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We offer servicing and maintenance services to all makes of appliances. From the smallest residential appliance to the large commercial and industrial appliances. We do it all. Our Servicing is high recommended.

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Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Keep your refrigeration systems in top condition with regular servicing or by locking in a routine maintenance schedule with our experienced refrigeration mechanics.

Regular preventative maintenance could save your business thousands in lost stock and repair downtime, plus it provides peace of mind that you’ve minimized unexpected and often expensive breakdowns.

Our team can schedule the refrigeration maintenance during your businesses downtime or between shifts to reduce interruption to your operation.


Ice Cream Machines

Fridge Cabinets

Ice Machines